Provide Care to Child Victims of Trafficking in Benin

Goal: Raise $2,000
Status: $1,250 donated
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Dagbé works with local caregivers to provide critical community based services to support children displaced by extreme poverty, including victims of child trafficking. Your donation will provide one month of care to restore stability and promote a child’s continued development, including secure housing, food, healthcare, and emotional support from local caregivers.

Why we picked this campaign?

1. Organization has a proven track record of effective community development 

2. Started by Peace Corp volunteers and continues to be heavily supported by that network

3. Because this organization is the only resource available to these children in crisis in rural Benin

Why is this project needed?

With an economy heavily dependent on subsistence farming, the Collines region of central Benin has many children that suffer due to extreme poverty, leaving school at an early age to work and support their families. Furthermore, the region’s remote location and weak infrastructure have made the area a haven for child trafficking while also limiting the community's ability to receive outside assistance. In fact, nearly 50% of Beninese children are invovled in child labor.

The Impact:

Donations will provide nutritious meals, safe and secure housing, including a security guard, beds equipped with mosquito nets, and study space for one month. It will also help fund salaries for local humanitarian workers who serve as caregivers, providing emotional support and guidance and help cover preventative healthcare and medical expenses as needed. 

About Dagbè

Dagbé is a non-profit organization established in Boston, Massachusetts with the goal of aiding children displaced by extreme poverty in Benin, West Africa.  Dagbé works with local care providers to restore social stability and provide for basic needs of at-risk children, including housing, food, access to education, and healthcare.  Beneficiaries of Dagbé’s funds include orphans, victims of child trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, and destitute poverty, as identified by local authorities. Dagbé’s vision is to empower local care providers to support at-risk children in their own community, and foster an environment to allow them to develop into healthy, educated, and productive members of society.

7 gifts
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