Fill Kindergarten’s Class with Books in Burma

Goal: Raise $1,000
Status: $330 donated
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With your help, libraries in rural kindergartens will receive a selection of Myanmar script children's books, locally produced and made to meet the needs of these early readers. 

Why this campaign?

1. Educational Empowerment (EE) promotes education in Myanmar through active learning and culturally relevant books. 

2. Myanmar recently was freed from military control and systemic human rights violations. 

3. Stocking libraries provides years of learning and educational enrichment for students. 

Why this project? 

The challenges facing education in Myanmar are large and complex. Decades of isolation combined with limited access to development and low government investment in social sectors have resulted in a gradual decline in the quality of education, widening geographic disparities and inequitable access to primary education. According to United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), 33% of school-aged children in Myanmar do not attend school and 70% of those who do are unable to finish at the primary level. Libraries are literally non-existent. Most children have never seen nor touched an age appropriate picture book. Educational Empowerment aims to provide culturally appropriate books for vulnerable children, promote access to books through development of community and monastic school libraries, and provide teachers with trainings and materials they need to be successful. 

The Impact

Since its recent inception, EE already impacts 3,000 children, teachers, and community members in Myanmar. Your gift will cover the cost of purchasing the books and include the cost delivering the books to the monastic school library. Burmese children will be introduced to the joy of reading and teachers will be provided the tools to promote active learning. 

About Educational Empowerment

Educational Empowerment (EE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to an educational environment in Myanmar that improves children's future economic opportunities and affords them fundamental reading skills. Through partnerships with local Myanmar community based organizations, Educational Empowerment publishes books, develops libraries and provides teacher training and learning materials. Through sister school relationships between Myanmar monastic schools and Bainbridge Island schools. Students in both countries develop awareness of each other's languages and lives. 

2 gifts
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