Help Elementary School Teachers and Students in Zambia

Goal: Raise $2,000
Status: $370 donated
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Through this project, you can support elementary school teachers in Zambia in several ways. You can provide support to students in teacher colleges, provide funds for bicycles to teachers and desks in remote schools or purchase treadle sewing machins and wood working tools for high school students. Your donation will help create empowering educational experiences for both teachers and students in Zambia.

Why this campaign?

 1. Zambia’s Scholarship Fund (ZSF) helps create jobs by paying teachers to work in rural communities. 

2. Improves literacy among rural children through scholarships and supporting teachers. 

3. Organization is volunteer driven in the US so your donations directly reach the students and teachers in need. 

Why this project? 

Unemployment is at an unbelievable rate of 95% in Northern Zambia and the government can only pay for a handful of elementary school teachers. Nevertheless, education is a top priority for the Zambian people, 90% of whom live in extreme poverty. Although they have no running water, electricity or even (in many cases) food to eat, every community builds a school, even if it interferes with the harvest. The school is the only building in the community, besides the huts they sleep in. (The lack of teachers has created a halt in a rural children’s' chance to go on to high school (only 8% of Zambia’s population attends high school).

While the ZSF is assisting the government by paying teachers salaries, the schools these teachers are posted at are very remote.Bicyles are needed to assist teachers with their commute to work and a greater need for desks for the children to sit in a comfortable space while learning.

The Impact

Today, ZSF supports 521 college students, 756 high school students and has created over 223 jobs for teachers. With your gift of $120, you can provide 1 bicycle to remote elementary schools to help teachers commute from/to nearby towns.

About Zambia’s Scholarship Fund

The Zambia’s Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization that is changing the tide of illiteracy one teacher at a time. By training teachers and paying teachers to go to remote elementary schools in Zambia they are addressing the problem of lack of teachers working in rural communities.   

3 gifts
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