Fund Scholarships and Entrepreneurship in Kenya

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KITO International enables street youth in Kenya to escape poverty by providing intensive training, employment with KITO's businesses, educational scholarships and business incubation. Your donation will help a street youth participate in the program and get off the streets.

Why this campaign?

1. KITO International was started by a former street kid who is now giving back to help others like him get off the streets.

2. Organization is partially sustainable through its income generating activities that also help train students in business and entrepreneurship. 

3. They believes providing economic opportunities to the youth is the best way to improve lives and remain gainfully employed. 

Why this project? 

It is estimated that more than 300,000 youth live and work on the streets of Kenya. These youth face disease, poverty, exploitation and violence. Some more vulnerable street youth turn to violence or prostitution. In a country with a 75% unemployment rate among youth ages 18-35, street youth simply cannot compete in the job market. KITO International is working to address this situation through their innovative two month training program.

The Impact

KITO transforms the lives of street kids in Nairobi by empowering them to seek viable economic opportunities that will keep them off the streets. Youth who work for KITO save up to 25% of their income, and invest money on their health and families. Your gift helps ensure one street kid participates in the training program to help them on their way out of poverty and on the streets.  

About KITO International

KITO International is a non-profit social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya that is fiscally sponsored by Village Volunteers. They have a simple philosophy: give street youth an economic opportunity and they will WORK their way off the streets and out of poverty. KITO believes in giving a hand UP not a hand-out. When street youth are given an economic opportunity they become self-sufficient and will stay off the streets forever.

2 gifts
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