Join an Expedition to East Africa

Preliminary Itinerary

03/16/2014:  Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya
Business Incubation for Youth in Kenya
Clean Water Management Water Systems for Communities
Bio-Intensive Farming for Local Community Schools and Orphanages

03/24/2014:  Arrive in Rwanda

03/26/2014: Explore the Serengeti (Safari)

03/29/2014: Travel back to Nairobi, Kenya

03/30/2014: Head back to Seattle
Jolkona Expeditions give you a front row view of social innovations. In addition to visiting various organizations in Kenya and Tanzania, you will be spending time with a few social innovators, getting the opportunity to learn why they do this work. When you choose to go on an Expedition with Jolkona, you become part of a movement to build a better world and foster connections with innovators changing in their own communities.


As part of this expedition you are asked to make a $750 charitable contribution to Jolkona.
$150 deposit due at time of sign up. Remainder ($600) is due by March 1st, 2014.


Coming soon!

Thank you again for supporting Jolkona and we look forward to hitting the road with you.

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